Brett ReichlerExecutive Chef

Question: What do The Culinary Institute of America, The Rainbow Room and London Lennie’s Restaurant have in common?

Answer: Brett Reichler.

Gallagher’s Executive Chef is one of the most versatile, creative and disciplined chefs in the restaurant industry, with experience running from creating beautiful wedding pastries to managing – all at once – 22 chefs from restaurants turning out menus of steaks, seafood, barbeque, sushi and burgers.

For proof, ask for the pastrami sandwich Chef Reichler invented his first month on the job – brined, smoked, steamed and sliced on the premises. A worthy challenger to the iconic New York delis.

Chef Reichler was trained at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, where he received an Associate’s degree. From 1993 to 1996 he was chef at London Lennie’s Restaurant in Forest Hills, N.Y., where he instituted specialty menus for pairing with select wines and beers. It may not have been in the record books, but he also prepared 2,000 meals for a beer festival. Talk about pressure from a hungry crowd!

From 1996-2014 Chef Reichler worked for BR Guest Hospitality, part of Starwood Capital, with 22 restaurants in New York City, Atlantic City, Ft. Lauderdale and Las Vegas. He rose from chef at the Blue Water Grill to corporate executive chef and managing partner, in charge of all of the company’s back-of-houses.

Somehow, he managed to find time to prepare for marathons, running the New York Marathon in 2009 and the New Jersey Marathon in 2014.

Like Gallaghers, Chef Reichler is a native New Yorker. Catch him early in the morning or late at night riding the #7 train between Flushing and Times Square.